No Insurance

If you don’t have health insurance – or if your health insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care, there is another possibility to reduce your out of pocket costs.

Chiropractic Solutions is proud to a Participating Provider with Preferred Chiropractic Doctor (PCD). PCD is the largest chiropractic advocacy organization in the United States.

Regulations restrict chiropractors from offering reduced fees for identical services, unless the patients receiving reduced fees have negotiated those fees through a third-party agreement (such as an insurance plan).

PCD is NOT insurance; it's a nationwide group that negotiates reduced rates for its members. As a member of PCD, you are guaranteed at least 25% off of our standard fee schedule.

Click here for a brochure explaining PCD more completely.

Many patients utilize PCD in place of their insurance (if their deductible or co-pay is extremely high), in conjunction with their insurance (if their plan limits the number of chiropractic adjustments per year) or for maintenance care. In these situations, we would not file an insurance claim for visits when you use PCD.

Joining PCD is totally voluntary; if you prefer not to join you will be responsible for all charges on the date of service. We accept cash, check, and major credit cards.