Success Stories

If you’d like to share your success story, please click the link below, complete the form and bring it with you to your next appointment:

My Chiropractic Success Story

Or you can complete it in the office; just ask at the desk for the form. Here are some of the success stories that our patients have shared:

Patient #1 said: “I had been a chiropractic patient for many years until the middle of last year when I put everyone else’s needs ahead of mine because of a lot of family illness and stress. I was in so much pain in my back, legs and neck that I went on pain killers before calling Dr. Ralph’s office for an appointment. She saw me the same day and reduced my pain level from 20 to 10 in one visit. When I returned a few days later my pain level was at 8 but after 30 minutes of treatment, I was pain free and able to stop taking the painkillers entirely.

I would recommend to give her a try if you have back, leg or neck pain or sinus problems. You will be surprised how much help you can get from a minor adjustment, getting your body back into alignment. If you have to take pills for your pain you are only covering it up and you’ll just have to take more and more painkillers.

Take charge of your own life and do anything to stay healthy. Dr. Ralph gave me freedom from pain in just 2 weeks and I’m sure she can help you. Just remember that it might take you longer because I have used chiropractic for years. Stick with it and I guarantee you will see results.”

Patient #2 said: “I had been in pain for about three years… degenerative disc with compressed nerves. Injections and pain medication was good for about three months… next lasted a shorter amount of time… the third even shorter. I was sure the next thing would be to go under the knife but I had to try something else first. Dr. Ralph worked with me frequently to start with… I began to be able to do and enjoy things like I used to… I still have to take pain medication from time to time, but I was at the door of surgery and she has pulled me back to a life that is productive and livable. Thank you Dr. Ralph”