The Staff

​Office/Business Manager – Marty

The first smiling face you are likely to see upon entering Chiropractic Solutions is our office manager Marty Linz. She is the person to speak to for all scheduling matters and she will be the one who assures that we are in financial agreement by the time you leave.

Marty is our Business Manager, and co-owner of the practice with Dr. Ralph. Here is her introduction:

“I am originally from Cincinnati, have a Bachelors of Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Ohio State University. I’ve lived in 11 other states and 19 other cities before coming to Huntsville! Through all of those moves, I remained friends with April (Hall) Ralph, my last roommate at Georgia Tech, despite the fact that we often lived hundreds of miles apart.

When she was considering the purchase of this practice, she asked me if I would move to Huntsville and act as the business manager so that she could focus on patient care. So, I’ve taken leave of the high stress world of industrial construction where I most recently was a senior contract administrator on construction of a multi-billion dollar chemical plant in Clarksvillle, TN.  Being here is a HUGE change of pace for me and I’m enjoying the opportunity to be a part of this vibrant practice.

I’m also appreciating the opportunity to get weekly chiropractic care even though I luckily have no serious spinal issues to be addressed. If only someone had referred me to a chiropractor in the ’90s when I spent months dealing with extreme lower back pain!

Although I have no human children of my own, I am a proud aunt of 13 nieces and nephews and 27 great-nieces and nephews. My only dependent is a geriatric stray cat who has allowed me to live with her in 5 states.”

​Back Office Chiropractic Assistant – Bonnie

The next friendly face you will meet in the office is Bonnie, our back office assistant. She is Dr. Ralph’s “right hand” in the exam and treatment rooms, keeping chart notes for Dr. Ralph, applying heat and/or cold packs when they are needed, taking most X-Rays under Dr. Ralph’s supervision and assisting with electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapies. Here’s what she has to say about herself::

“I am originally from the state of Texas. During my teenage years I moved to the state of Alabama and decided to make sweet home Alabama my home. I married my soulmate in May of 2009. We have a daughter named Kavannah and a son named Braden who make our life absolutely amazing. We have a Chihuahua named Bam Bam who has a ton of energy. I love spending time with family and friends. I enjoy scrapbooking in my free time. I am a true believer in chiropractic care. It’s such an amazing thing. I have found my passion being a chiropractic assistant.”