Why Chiropractic

Chiropractic care approaches health concerns in a way that is different from what you’ll encounter in the medical community. Yes, we help our patients with their symptoms, but we are not going to do so with either prescription drugs or surgery. More significantly, we are not even going to wait for symptoms to occur to evaluate you to see if chiropractic treatment can help!

Huntsville, AL chiropractic careAll chiropractic care is aimed at improving the communication between the Central Nervous System and the rest of the body. Think of it as making sure that your brain is as well-connected to every other part of your body as possible. This connection happens via the Peripheral Nervous System branching everywhere throughout every tissue, and the branching first occurs around the complex system of articulations that make up the spinal column. Chiropractors use their extensive knowledge of the spine to affect the functionality of the body. It turns out that when the joints of the spine are optimally functional there is less local inflammation and swelling that can adversely affect the communication effectiveness of the Nervous System.

Yes, our body is coordinated and controlled FROM THE INSIDE… by our Nervous System. Making sure that there is as little interference to this system as possible makes it more likely that your own body’s resources will successfully maintain your health. What does this mean to you? What can Chiropractic help you with? Click here to see an interactive spine graphic which shows the areas of the body and common symptoms associated with each vertebra.

Most research about Chiropractic care has focused on its ability to alleviate back pain, headaches, and radiating pain into the arms or legs. Because of that focus, it is often easy to limit the things we think that Chiropractic can help with. Sure, if you have a back that bothers you, get straight to the Chiropractor’s office and get some relief! But beyond that, if you are interested in having optimal health and preventing symptom development… if you are interested in functioning optimally… if you want to avoid pain, illness, degeneration, and injury from normal activities let Chiropractic help you in that endeavor.

At Chiropractic Solutions, we start with a look at your complete health picture, and a complete evaluation of your spine. From there, Dr. Ralph will make recommendations that are specific to you. She does refer to other specialists when she discovers conditions that are better served by other types of providers. Right here in Huntsville, we even have other Chiropractors that specialize in different techniques or specific areas of the spine. Our community is also blessed with very high quality oncology, neurosurgery, and general orthopedic medical practices. Dr. Ralph has at her fingertips the most advanced, highly researched, and proven effective system of evaluation and instrument adjusting in Activator Methods Technique. She attends annual training that keeps her abreast of the latest developments and research within that Technique.

We treat spines… and shoulders… and sinuses… and arthritis… and scoliosis… and sports injuries… and chronic conditions… and headaches… and knees… and back pain… and developmental difficulties… and muscle tension… and colic in babies… and so many other things that listing them just limits them. If you have a Nervous System, if you have a brain, Chiropractic can help your body function optimally. Come see how!